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If I Knew You Better

May 22, 2020

“I’m glad I got to live long enough to hear that said”ERIC ADAM CONNER is a screenwriter, director, actor and theater kid. A childhood in Delaware led to undergrad at Penn, stints in NYC, New Hampshire summer stock, and off-Broadway theater, and finally grad school at USC. Eric’s take on his life and career in the creative arts is highly insightful and very funny. We got to know each other during my years teaching filmmaking at the New York Film Academy’s academic headquarters in Los Angeles, and we talk candidly about many topics that creative entrepreneurs especially will find relevant, relatable, or just fun, including his early brush with fame on the Howard Stern Show and having Beetlejuice as a guest at his bachelor party, among others. As color commentary, I even work in a few of my old but somehow vaguely relevant music business war stories about drinking vodka with Michael Stipe of REM and working with bands like Luna and Bad Brains in Athens, GA. Great talk!