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If I Knew You Better

Apr 26, 2019

Raymond Ma is a talented and hilarious actor who has worked with everyone from Ali Wong and Awkwafina to Chuck Lorre and Aaron Sorkin. He was born in Hong Kong, discovered by Jack Lord on the original “Hawaii 5-0”, & lives in Los Angeles. This talk is funny, practical, & gets a little deep, too. Please check it out,...

Apr 13, 2019

Stewart Cararas is a songwriter-musician as well as a music engineer & producer in Los Angeles. He’s from Monroe, Louisiana, and his road to Hollywood is positively cinematic. Great talk! LINKS:

Apr 5, 2019

Frederick Taylor is an award-winning director & producer & the founder of Tomorrow Pictures ( I’ve known Fred for 30 years, but it was great to sit down with him and REALLY get into it all. Great first talk; enjoy! Theme music by Carl King, logo by Ronald Paredes. Visit