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If I Knew You Better

May 16, 2020

“Unity is our strength, diversity is our power”. MAX BARTOLI is a film, theater, and media writer-director-producer and also a sports businessman with a broad international portfolio. Born in Italy, educated in Florence and Rome, and former resident of the UK before becoming a US citizen, he’s received dozens of awards and much acclaim for his film work, including a Papal Blessing from Pope Benedictus. Max works as Media Director for the World Bank in DC, where much of his work - such as the unprecedented Fiat Lux light projection mapping show Max helped produce using St. Peter’s Basilica as a giant canvas -  aligns with his passions of climate change and sustainability. Max is also building his passion project: a brand-new team sport called Fireball. Max and partners created FXC: the Fireball Extreme Challenge, which has been gaining steady grassroots popularity in many countries - with 4 countries having created national teams and 11 more having applied to Max’s league - and which has its sights set on nothing less than becoming a new world sport. Links below! 
THE RISE OF HEROES - FXC - Fireball Extreme Challenge